Special Events

Photo of a golf cart at our Customer Picnic outside the BankAt Bath State Bank, we take pride in the fact that we are a true community bank. Throughout the years, the Bank has prided itself on its personal service. Our special events take time-out from our daily routine to say a little more than “thank you” for your valued business.

Our founding fathers would be pleased that the Bank has held true to its original values. We are proud that we have built genuine relationships with our customers.

We also participate in numerous outside activities such as grilling Rib Eyes during local 4-H fairs, school tours for the Franklin County Antique Machinery Show organizers, Junior Achievement teachers in the local classrooms, Ag Day demonstrators, instructors about the importance of savings and how the economy operates as well as many other volunteer positions.Photo of inside the Bank decorated for Christmas for our Santa Day event

Our internal events include . . .

Customer Appreciation Day is held in late summer and celebrated in Bath, thanking all Bath State Bank customers. We serve a picnic supper, and have light entertainment for our customers, our neighbors and their family.

Santa Day, for the children/grandchildren of our customers, is unlike all other trips to see Santa. We transform the Bank in Bath into a magical Christmas village with plenty of activities and Santa time for the children.Photo of two men grilling on a huge gas grill

Lemon Shake-Up is held at our West College Corner location on a summer day. We thank our customers for their loyal business with a day-long event of lemon shake-ups and snacks. This year's date has not been announced.

Elementary student tours are held each spring season for various grade levels at three local elementaries. Students enjoy a morning of activities, including the history of money, route of a check and interest lesson.

  Photo of a lemonade stand outside the Bank on a sunny dayPhoto of elementary school children cheering on battery-operated pigs racing on the carpet