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As a homeowner, you have a lot of things to think about. From where your water shut-off value is located to how to safely remove ice dams forming on your home gutters . . . there are many things to know about home ownership. When you added an addition to your home, did you inform your home insurance company for accurate coverage? Did you check to see where electric, sewer, phone and water lines run before you plant a tree?

Bath State Bank offers tips and ideas to keep your home (and your family) safe.

Homeowner Bulletin Our quarterly publication is mailed to customers who have a mortgage, home equity loan or vehicle loan
Home Inventory Check List Download this home inventory checklist to help you plan for insurance replacement needs
Home Safety Checklist Making sure that everyone in the household knows how to get out of the house in the event of a fire is important
Call 811 Before you dig a to plant a tree, install a fence and the like, make sure you call this free service to have your utility lines marked with paint or flags to prevent an accident