Friday, June 14, 2024 - 08:38

To Our Customers and Shareholders: Our Grand Celebration is at the Union County fairgrounds on Sat., June 22nd from 4 p.m. until 8 p.m. Bath State Bank Customers and Shareholders are invited to come for a sit-down meal. Enjoy local music, reminisce with friends and grab a bowl of ice cream. There is plenty of activities for the children with several bounce houses, a wiffle ball tournament, games from yesteryear and more. Take home a special keepsake from the event, while supplies last.

In addition, our staff would love to see you at our Open House on Mon., June 24th during our regular business hours. Bath, West College Corner and Liberty will have special Centennial refrigerator magnets, locally-baked frosted sugar cookies and drinks, while supplies last.

Friday, June 7, 2024 - 15:00

IMPORTANT INFORMATION -- Today, Bath State Bank had a report that this happened to our phone number:

Have you noticed a Caller ID that is not the legitimate caller? Caller ID spoofing is the process of changing the Caller ID to any number other than the actual calling number. Caller ID spoofing happens when a caller knowingly falsifies the info transmitted to disguise the number they're calling from. The number that displays on your Caller ID “MAY LOOK” as though it's coming from a bank, government agency, business or even someone in your contacts list; however, it “COULD BE” an attempt to trick you to share personal info on the phone!

Do NOT give out any personal info. Identity thieves often pose as representatives of banks, credit card companies, creditors or government agencies to get account numbers, SSNs, mother's maiden names, passwords and other identifying info.

End the call immediately then call the phone number listed on the account statement /web site/phone book to determine if the request is legitimate.

Today, Bath State Bank had a report that this happened to our phone number. Please do NOT share your personal information and don't share your account/debit card numbers with anyone on the phone. Call us back if you are uncertain if we called you. Our number is on your statement, in the phone book and on our web site.

Caller ID spoofing is occurring throughout the telecommunications industry today. Landline, wireless and IP based telephone service providers are all experiencing this problem.

Monday, May 20, 2024 - 07:20

Hoxworth needs at least 30 donors to commit to helping Bath State Bank at our West College Corner Blood Drive on Friday, June 7th — 11:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. Each donor at our blood drive will receive a free mini-physical. Those who register and donate will receive a free Reds-Hoxworth floppy hat!

Every two seconds someone needs blood for surgeries, emergencies, medical procedures and cancer treatments. To ensure an adequate blood supply to support patient usage in the 30 area hospitals served by Hoxworth Blood Center, a minimum of 350 volunteer blood donors and 40 volunteer platelet donors are needed every day.

If interested in donating blood, please call Cheryl at 765-732-3022 or set your appointment time at The Hoxworth web site or simply walk-in. 

Donating blood is a gift straight from your heart. We truly thank those unsung heroes who save lives by donating blood.

Monday, April 15, 2024 - 12:59

Have you checked your U.S. Savings Bond maturity dates lately? Sometimes people hold U.S. Savings Bonds past the date of final maturity by accident as bonds are simply stashed away somewhere and forgotten.

Bath State Bank has the ability to redeem U.S. Savings Bonds for Bath State Bank customers only. If you find Bonds and you don’t have the ability to check the maturity date, we can help you with that.
The U.S. Treasury Dept. has $29 billion dollars worth of Savings Bonds on its books that have matured, yet are unredeemed (as of Oct. 2021.)

Check with your family to see if you own any U.S. Savings Bonds.

Tuesday, April 9, 2024 - 10:56

“What’s Wrong with My Computer?” Do you experience slow-downs or error issues? It’s probably your cache and cookies.

In most browsers, the options for clearing the cache and clearing cookies are in the same place; however, they are not the same thing.

Your cache stores files downloaded directly from the websites you visit . . . files such as fonts, scripts to run the pages and images. Deleting the cache data helps to troubleshoot, helps to decrease the loading time of web pages and increases the performance of your computer. If the browser doesn’t load the new version of the site or web page, even if there have been changes on the site since the last visit, the cache can cause issues with the view and you can likely experience the dread of internet slow-down. When this happens, try to clear your browser cache.

Cookies store information about you and the things you’ve done online. If you browse an online store and add a bunch of things to a shopping list, that’s saved using a cookie. Cookies also keep track of which site you’re logged in to — which is why, if you clear your cookies, you’ll need to log back in to all of your accounts. Clearing your cache doesn’t affect any of this. Note: Clearing your cookies and cache does not clear your passwords.

Clearing your cache is different for every browser. Depending upon your device’s software, search under “settings” or “options.” Normally, you have the ability to select which items that you want to clear.

It is timeless advice: if a website isn’t loading properly, clear your cache and cookies. Just make sure that you don’t click the password box when you do this.