Need Help With Tracking?

Do you write checks and have trouble of knowing what you wrote when? Duplicate checks can help you solve your problem. A duplicate checkbook keeps a copy of every check you write (well, as long as you use it properly.) This makes it easy to see who you paid, how much and when.

Each check in a duplicate checkbook is followed by a thin sheet of carbon copy paper (with the same check number for reference.) As you write a check, the pressure from your pen creates a carbon copy of what you write. Then, you just tear out the check, and leave the duplicate sheet behind, so you always have a copy in your checkbook. Your signature is partially blocked which prevents anybody who steals your checkbook from duplicating your signature. We have these checkbooks available for order.

Want an alternative way to track your spending? You have other options as well if you aren’t good at the check registers either. Paying bills with Bath State Bank’s Bill Pay creates an electronic record of every payment that includes the information you’d find on duplicate checks. Everything you need to know is in text format, making it easy to search and sort. In addition, Bath State Bank has online Person-to-Person pay which tracks your payment, and it is free to use. Call us and we can help you get started!