Fraud Alert: Two Fraudulent Emails Circulating the Nation

Electronic Payments Core of Knowledge (EPCOR) has identified two fraudulent emails that if clicked upon may download malicious software onto a user’s computer.
1) Malicious Email Purporting to be a Trusteer Security Toolbar From Vendor. Cisco Security Intelligence Operations has reported an abundance of spam email messages that claim to contain a new security system called Trusteer Moneris Toolbar for the recipient. The email attempts to persuade the recipient to open a .zip attachment for details which contains a malicious .exe file that, when executed, infects the computer with malicious code.
2) Bogus Credit Card Settlement Report Email Targets Business Clients. A new spin on fraudulent credit card statements is targeting businesses. The malicious code within the email has yet to be identified, but the site appears to be hosted in the Middle East. This fraudulent email message describes details to the merchant regarding a credit card settlement report. Both of these are confirmed scams. Do NOT click on any of the links or attachments. If an email appears to be suspicious, please delete it.