Don't Be Tempted By Unsolicited Links

A highly targeted, malware-laced phishing campaign landed in the inboxes of multiple credit unions in early February. This article serves as a reminder to folks to safeguard your personal information. As you know, Bath State Bank does not solicit via email, so be careful what links that you “click” in an email.

The Secret Service alert reminds readers that we are entering tax season, which typically brings a large spike in scams designed to siphon personal and financial data. It also includes some helpful reminders, including:

  • Never click on links embedded in emails or open any attachments from unknown or suspect fraudulent email accounts.
  • Always independently verify any requested information originates from a legitimate source.
  • Visit Web sites by entering the domain name yourself (for sensitive sites, preferably by using a bookmark you created previously.)
  • If you are contacted via phone — hang up, look up the number for the institution at that institution’s web site and call back. Do not give out information in an unsolicited phone call.