Home Equity Line of Credit/Second Mortgages

Young girl enjoying swimming in a pollJoin homeowners who have discovered the value of home equity as a credit resource. This popular source of credit may be used to remodel your home, install a new pool or deck, update your roof or storm windows, finance a family member’s education, purchase a vehicle, consolidate bills and much more.

Our experienced loan officers can help you maximize your home’s value and borrow against your accumulated equity in your home at a competitive interest rate. We finance second mortgages as well as offer a line of credit. Ask us about our program.

Personalized service features: acts like a checking account on the line of credit; payments made at Bath State Bank; fixed and adjustable interest rates for Second Mortgages; floating interest rates and 15-year maximum for Home Equity Line; based off the prime interest rate and equity position of your home; no annual fee.

Eligibility for potential borrowers:

  • Loan Amount
  • Home Equity Line of Credit
  • Floating interest rate

Second Mortgage Loan (Closed-End Equity Loan):

  • Fixed or adjustable interest rate

Information needed to process your loan:

  • Paycheck stubs - most recent one month's
  • Tax returns - past two years
  • Assets - past two months statements of savings, checking and investment accounts
  • More details will be provided upon an appointment with a Bath State Bank loan officer.

Please call us at 765-732-3022 or 765-732-3147.