Folklore Survey

According to folklore, the woolly worm has the reputation of being able to forecast the coming winter weather. While riding a bicycle on October 1st, this webmaster swerved around several dozen of them on the roads in Union Township in Union County. All of them were black with deep reddish-orange rings on the tips of each end. It is said that the longer the woolly worm’s black bands, the longer, colder and snowier the winter will be. To me, I estimate that of the woolly’s 13 rings, nine of them were black.

In addition, according to folklore and many old-timers in the Bath area, if bunny rabbits have been plentiful this spring and summer, this means a snowy-winter. I don’t know about your area; however, in Union and Franklin (Ind.) counties and in Butler (Ohio), there have been an abundance of rabbits this year.

Farmers tend to agree that if corn husks are very thick and tight, the corn – which relies on warm weather to thrive – is trying to protect itself from cooler weather.

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