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The Bank is 96 Today

Happy 96th Birthday, Bath State Bank! While the town of Bath was much different back then, the Bank’s philosophy still remains the same: To provide financial products and services to the surrounding communities with decisions made locally.

What was 1924 like? When the Bank opened in 1924, the nation’s average income was $2,196. While that figure is not too impressive today, consider the cost of things back then. You could buy a new car for $265, while a new house was $7,720. A gallon of gas was a mere 11 cents, a loaf of bread was 9 cents, a gallon of milk was 54 cents and a first-class stamp was 2 cents. Unfortunately, life expectancy was 54.1 years. Considering that . . . I think most of us would agree that we’d rather pay $3.99 for our box of corn flakes today than 9 cents 96 years ago!

Stop by to visit us in Bath, Liberty or West College Corner. Bath State Bank is a friendly bank to address all of your banking needs. We hope to see you soon!