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5 Tips for Better Savings During Pandemic

With day-to-day activities affected by the coronavirus, many people greatly reduced their spending. While saving money is great, here are five tips to help you save even more:
1. Make a budget, but focus on the things that you can control. You can’t change your mortgage or rent payment overnight, but you can eat more meals at home.
2. Clear the clutter, but keep the cash. You can use social media yard sale sites to profit from the things you no longer need.
3. Simplify your subscriptions. Make a list and unsubscribe to those you don’t use.
4. Plan major purchases. If you’ll need a new dryer, roof or car, figure out how much it will cost so that you can start saving.
5. Buy used or refurbished electronics. You can find great smartphones, laptops and other electronics in good condition if you do some research.