Other Services/Fees

We have numerous other banking products available for your convenience. Notary, wire funds, cashier's checks and gift checks are just some of the popular services that we offer.

Check Orders Prices may vary
Overdraft Fees $25 per day
Return Item $25 per return item
Charge Back Fee $10 per item
Stop Payment

$15 per stop payment

Bounce Protection Fees $20 per item paid ($100 maximum per day)
Account Watch

$20 per watch per year (upon customer request, their account is watched for a specific transaction)

Government Check Cashing $5 per check for non-customers
ATM/Check Card Free issuance
$5 per replacement/lost card
ATM Activity Charge $.75 per transaction if transaction is at a non-Bath State Bank machine (host machine fee may apply)
Research Fee $20 per hour
Wire Transfer — In $10 per transfer
Wire Transfer — Out $15 per transfer
International Wire Fee varies
Cashier's Check $2 per check
Notary $1 per item
Safekeeping $12 annually per item
Fax Transmission

$1 per page

Photocopy $.10 per copy
Collection In/Out $25 per item
Foreign Currency/Exchange $2 plus Bank’s cost
Levy/Garnishment $5
Dormant Account $9 per year (Checking accts. become dormant after one year with no customer activity. Savings accts. become dormant after three years of no customer activity.)
ACH Origination $2 per item; Business accounts vary
Lock Box See lock box area